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Midland, Texas, is booming as oil prices rise

Marketplace, 04.24.2018

A hundred-foot oil rig pushes up amid acres of irrigated cotton fields and long dirt roads on this oil patch between Midland and Odessa, the two main towns in the Permian Basin in West Texas. Both have about 150,000 people. Tommy Taylor, director of oil and gas development at Fasken Oil and Ranch, seems to know most of them. 

Taylor has worked at Fasken for 33 years. He jokes that the oil business isn’t just on his resume, it’s in his blood. 

New Play Concept ‘Merges’ SCOOP And STACK Trends In Red-Hot Central Oklahoma, 05.01.2018

Long before it became the 46th state, oil was discovered in Oklahoma by happenstance while drilling for brine to extract salt–a fundamental necessity of pioneer life. Nearly 160 years later, the Sooner State’s geology continues to surprise with a rich endowment of the oil and gas essential to the modern American way of life.

USGS: New Mexico's Permian Basin contains 46 billion barrels of oil

​KQRE News 13, 12.06.2018

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced Thursday that the Delaware Basin, which is part of the larger Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, is an oil and gas goldmine.

USGS identified the Permian Basin as the largest continuous oil and gas resource potential ever assessed in the country.